PEOPLE NAVEE is an all-in-one Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that features the latest innovations in human resource technology. The system includes Employee 201, timekeeping, and payroll management — everything you need in a single, user-friendly platform.

Sorting through stacks of paperwork to find records and update the company database is now a thing of the past. Writing on multiple sheets of paper to file that single vacation leave is gone. Manual computation of payrolls, including deductions, government contributions, and bonuses with an actual calculator is ancient history.

Times have changed and Direc Business Technologies, Inc. wants to ensure that your company is always up to date in this constantly changing business landscape. To do so, we introduce you to the best and latest in intelligent business management solutions.

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We do not just find faults and discrepancies; we look for solutions. Our features include ways to fix errors in your records, so you do not have to be anywhere else.

Value-Based Pricing

We give your money's worth with our value-based pricing. More than that, with our automated processes you spend less than the typical costs of HR because you get an all-in-one system.

Strategic Technology Roadmap

We help you align your company's goals with your people's personal ones, prepare for the long term, address your needs and priorities, and make your vision a reality.

Customer Commitment and Support

We become your lifelong partner in achieving your business goals, nurturing your people, and troubleshooting everyday workplace issues. Our exceptional customer support team guarantees proactive assistance.

Technical Excellence

We know people and we nurture them. Our team members are always a step ahead of innovation because we ensure their improvement in technical expertise and holistic growth combined with their innate talents.