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Experience Smooth and Accurate Timekeeping Process


Get accurate clock-in and clock-out updates in real time from your attendance tracking device. Employees can input their missing timekeeping records directly for your administrator’s review and approval.
Companies struggle with accurate timekeeping and payroll because of traditional and outdated systems, such as spreadsheets. Experience faster growth and outpace the competition by shifting to an all-in-one Human Resource Information System (HRIS) with PEOPLE NAVEE.

Automate to Remove Human Error and Provide Accurate Information

Tasks like checking timesheets, computing payrolls, and monitoring leaves can be efficiently done in People Navee. With manual filing, these have always been prone to errors and even cost companies a lot more. Having an HRIS gives the avenue to do all these on a digital platform that checks the input accuracy for you.

File Timekeeping Applications In A Snap

Allow your employees to file their timekeeping applications anytime, anywhere. Provide them the freedom to see their actual leave balances and filed applications for transparency.

Get Real-Time Data on Employees’ Timekeeping

Make HR operations more efficient and effective and improve the overall productivity of the company by monitoring attendance data in real time. All of this contributes to a company’s ability to achieve its strategic aims within a set period.

Make Integration Easy

With People Navee’s integration capability, employee time logs are automatically consolidated from the timekeeping device and sent to the system for record and safekeeping.