Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is People Navee customizable?

Your HRIS, your rules! Apart from scalability, we know how you value a solution that is customizable according to your needs. The good news, People Navee can adapt to your policies and can be customized to support your work setup.

Do I need other systems to do my core HR tasks?

People Navee is created as a one-stop-shop for all your HR and Admin processes. You can do your employee records management, timekeeping, and payroll in a SINGLE hub! A few clicks are all you need.

How user-friendly is the system?

Bid goodbye to spreadsheets and say hello to a faster and easy-to-use solution. With People Navee, you can eliminate manual tasks by having your files, process timekeeping applications, and generate payroll reports in a few minutes!

Can it be integrated into another system?

A big yes! People Navee can seamlessly integrate into other systems such as another HR tool or financial system. Name it!

Is this compliant to the Philippine law?

Compliance is must for us as it is for you! People Navee follows all applicable rules and regulations of the Philippines HR law, so no need to worry. The goal is to make life and work easier all along.

How many reports does the system have?

Overall, the system has 65 standard reports under employee 201, timekeeping, and payroll. Need more? Don't worry, we can also customize reports whenever you need them.